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“Women Helping Women”


Ladies America began in Washington, D.C. with our founding chapter, Ladies DC in 2006. What makes it remarkable, however, is that Ladies DC (LDC) actually began as Ladies Dinner Club, a simple dinner meeting opportunity for professional women to gather outside of work and form viable relationships. Ladies America Founder, Lindsey Mask, made a personal effort to connect with professional women in a purposeful way and to combat the theory of old that women don’t work together. Her goal of having a non-competitive forum for women to connect drew thousands of women to join and our motto, “women helping women”, has remained steadfast since the very first Dinner Club meeting.

With backing from extensive networks of women across the country, Ladies DC organically evolved into a fully functioning organization with a national network and subsequent Boards, partnerships, sponsorships, and so much more. With the creation fo chapters across the country, Ladies America was born.

Maintaining and keeping ever at the forefront our motto “Women Helping Women,” we have all been witness to the amazing transformation that occurs when women are provided an avenue to help one another in a mutually beneficial setting.

Learn more about our founder’s vision for the organization for the next 200 years from a recent interview! You can read more HERE.


While we don’t have limitations of age or profession for members, we have found that typical demographic includes women ages 23-45 with undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D degrees. Ladies America members are successful women in a variety of industries, including business, politics, education, design, art, finance, associations, marketing and communications, law, and there are several business owners. Whether you are just joining the workforce, seeking professional advancement, or have established a thriving career, Ladies America serves all women, and its members share a desire to make a positive impact in the world.


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