From the Founder of Ladies America:

For those of you who know me pretty well, you also know I am a “head-in-the-clouds” type of dreamer — with ideas religiously popping into my head. Founder of Ladies America, Lindsey MaskThe challenge for someone like me is desperately wanting to see everything come to life, but not always knowing how or having time. BUT, then there is today — which feels monumental to me – and it has EVERYTHING to do with an incredible team of women within Ladies DC / Ladies America. Tonight, in a banner year for Ladies America, Ladies DC is hosting and celebrating our Mentorship Pilot Program Graduation!!


I cannot possibly describe the years and effort that have gone into seeing tonight’s close of the Mentorship Pilot, but it almost overwhelming to recognize that this shared dream of ours for Ladies America is coming true! This is not your average mentorship program. It is a scalable, technology-based, proven model developed by MET Community, which focuses on the mentor / mentee relationship and on actual, tangible results. To be clear, in this scenario, I did but one thing — I dreamed it could happen — but it is only because of the incredible, incredible team of leading women in and supporting our organization that today’s mentorship milestone has been made possible, beginning with Yanire Braña, Jean Schindler, and Megan Caldwell.  (I need help listing everyone else involved!). While I did serve as a mentor – and will continue to do so, I have tears of JOY welling up inside of me as I think of the amazing women who have built and executed this program. And, as a dreamer will do — I now also have a vision for where this will take us next and the women we will reach! A heartfelt thank you to the Mentorship Committee for beautifully illustrating our motto, “Women Helping Women.” While difficult to explain, this might be one of the happiest days in my life. I can’t wait to celebrate our mentees with everyone this evening, including mine, one of whom has humbled me with her article and personal experience of the pilot program. Thank you Alessandra.

Alessandra Colia, Pilot Program Mentee

Alessandra Colia, Pilot Program Mentee

You can read the article here:

Finally, please JOIN US tonight if you can. Event info:

To learn more about our Mentorship Program, please email

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