2014 Ladies America Conference Aims to Explore Failure as a Stepping Stone to Success

Washington, D.C. – Ladies America, a national network of professional women, is hosting its 4th annual day-long “Women Leading the Future Conference” next month on June 14, 2014 at Microsoft, Chevy Chase (5404 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD).



The conference is set to explore failure as a pathway to success throughout all career levels, offering attendees the opportunity to hear from influential and successful business and political leaders, both men and women. Tickets can be purchased now, and there are some scholarships available plus discounts for military, hill staff, and students. (For more information, email info@ladiesamerica.org)

“Over the past five to ten years, there has been an extraordinary push for women to advance in leadership across virtually all professions, and we are seeing the impact of those efforts as women continue to rise through the ranks,” said Lindsey Mask, Founder and Executive Director of Ladies America. “As a direct reflection of these new, broader risks women are taking, leadership roles women are pursuing, and advancements women are making, we are also witnessing or personally experiencing what can feel like failure. For some, ‘failure’ is a new feeling, but this is also because many have not risked so much of themselves to pursue their goals in the way they are now. As one of our Ladies America advisors once said, ‘failure should be written into the business plan,’ she said, explaining that we should expect to ‘fail,’ be prepared for the obstacles, not be caught flat-footed, and push forward despite the challenges, because as we all know, nothing worth having comes easy.”

New York Life Insurance is supporting this year’s women’s conference and Microsoft and the local ABC affiliate, WJLA, have again partnered with Ladies America to bring this fourth annual conference to life for the professional women in the DC, VA, and MD areas — including some women from across the country.

Several speakers are flying in from other states to present, including California and NY — and potentially even one from India! (Please see speaker line-up).

There will be six breakout sessions: Pitching and Advocacy, Financial Planning, Women & Politics, Women in Media, Fundraising/Negotiation, and Style/Fashion. Simon Dixon, CEO IdeaEngineering and Kristina Krawchuk, President of Women in Media, will provide their knowledge of how women are portrayed in the media. Serial entrepreneurs, Rachel Braun Scherl and David Goldsmith, coming in from California and author Paid to Think, will explain the various elements needed to acquire success in your career.

The all-conference panel will follow after the first three sessions with two powerful discussions. The first panel: Bumps Along the Way: Managing Life’s Transitions Like a Champ! The second panel: Mentorship vs. Sponsorship. Tabatha Turman, President & CEO of IFAS and Veteran, will share her knowledge on how women can turn a failure into success. Yanire Brana, Mentorship expert: Founder of MET and Consultant at World Bank will offer her insight on how both mentorship and sponsorship are important.

Stay tuned for more great announcements about this year’s conference, and feel free to contact us for media bookings, sponsorship opportunities, and partnerships (info@ladiesamerica.org).

About Ladies America: Ladies America is a national network of young, professional women following the motto “Women Helping Women,” connecting women to advance one another personally and professionally, ultimately creating a national voice on issues important to professional women. Visit www.LadiesAmerica.org or email info@ladiesamerica.com for more information. Follow us on @LadiesAmerica.



WLF 2014 Schedule w speakers

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