This week NYU – DC campus hosted one of their ongoing dialogue talks, highlighting the theme “Media Careers in Washington”. Panelists included Lars Schmidt from NPR, and Elizabeth Gunzel from APCO Worldwide, both talent acquisition experts, and media specialist Paul Kontonis. Each panelist shared their insights on media and networking.


The biggest takeaways from the evening were tips on networking and using social media for business. Much of the discussion dove into building one’s “digital footprint.” How new grads can use tools like Twitter and LinkedIn to develop your self-brand and highlight your social media chops. Elizabeth stressed the importance of LinkedIn and leveraging your network; keep in touch, connect regularly, and always look to give back. As many of you know, in DC your network is often the key to landing a job. It is fundamental to new grads and business owners to build a solid network and digital footprint. Lars added “When I hire you, I hire your network.”


Social media is an integral part to the communications world today. Paul, an expert on all things media related from video to Twitter, shared how social media is essential to building a network of colleagues with similar interests and developing media skills. Paul’s advice for new grads forging through their early days of discovery is to gather skills that are “transferable” to any industry, making you a valuable asset. Lars shared that recruiters are looking for passionate people in social media that are both “fluent and curious”.


I personally found this dialogue to be especially useful as a recent grad and business owner. The panelists’ advice helped me to see what I am doing right and where I can improve both in my networking and promoting my business through social media. Going forward I look to master various social media channels, post regularly, and build a network of lifelong connections.


Ladies America was so kind to forward the event, always looking to empower women and entrepreneurs. NYU Dialogue thank you for all the tools!


Monique Smaby

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