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Ladies America is undergoing restructuring as we legally convert to a fully functioning not-for-profit organization. With that, Ladies America is realigning the Boards and developing a structured National Committee with very specific roles. Select members of our leadership have been asked to submit names of top-tier candidates to serve as committee leads before the scheduled call for nominations and applications on Monday, August 19, 2013.


Why We Need Committees


Ladies America has been in existence since 2006. We have grown close to 500 percent during that time. However, we are now at the point where we would greatly benefit from improved structure and processes.  We need assistance with day-to-day tasks in the following areas:

– Technology/ web updates,

– Media,

– Social media,

– Partnerships,

– Sponsorships/ fundraising,

– Marketing,

– Outreach, communication & management of local and city chapters,

– Photography & video,

– Mentorship & education


We are interested in strategically growing and applying for foundation grants and/ or building an endowment. We require assistance from the very best professionals to successfully grow and carry out the goals of the organization.


About Ladies America     


Mission: A national network of young, professional women connecting to advance one another personally and professionally, following the motto “Women Helping Women”.


Vision: To connect, educate and mentor professional women across the U.S.



ü  1,000 women in mentorship program by 2016.

ü  25,000 women serving as resources to each other in 15 cities by 2020.

ü  10,000 hours of education in technology, business & advocacy by 2020.



ü  Secure women in leadership roles.

ü  More women running large organizations.

ü  Aggregate women’s initiatives, groups & organizations.

ü  Create a national voice for women on major issues in the U.S.


Established in 2006. Began as Ladies Dinner Club with six women meeting monthly.

Currently, Ladies America now includes nine cities with two formalized local boards in NYC & DC.

Cities include DC, NYC, SF, LA, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Virginia Beach, Central Texas, & Nashville.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. with approximately 2,700 members locally.

National following of approximately 10,000 women &men; 3,000 women affiliated as a member.

Pilot mentorship program launch in September 2013 with 55 mentees, to conclude April 2014.

Annual women’s conference, “Women Leading the Future”, headed into fourth year.

Curriculum development in technology, advocacy and business.



Nationally recognized with strong partner and affiliate organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Center for Women in Business, the U.S.O., and various media outlets.

Strong leadership but limited human resource to carry out all tasks and reach goals.



Requirements/Expectations for Committee Leads & Members:

ü  The committee members will meet in person or via teleconference once a month, with meetings lasting for 1-2 hours, for the minimum term of one year.

ü  All committee leads will be present (in person or via teleconference) at all meetings, arriving on time and staying for the duration of the meeting.

ü  Committee members will be available between meetings for tasks and assistance specific to their role/ skill area.

ü  Committee leads are expected to build a committee member team (approx.. 1-5 members) as needed.

ü  Committee members will share the overarching goals, mission and vision of Ladies America.

ü  Committee leads are expected to assistance the executive director, city directors, advisors or board directors as needed and as instructed by the executive director.

ü  Committee members are expected to be courteous, honest, and respectful. They will provide direct input and feedback, and will help to identify organizational problems as they see them.

ü  Committee members will maintain strict and complete confidentiality on all matters discussed during or related to the board meetings.


Committee Compensation: Committee leads & members serve on a voluntary basis.




To begin this process, we would first love to hear from you by way of answering the few questions included below, so I can gain a better understanding of you as an individual.


Please return the questions answered, along with a CV, and then identify 2-3 times and dates that would work for you to do a call with me before Sept 1, 2013.  Select those times/ dates by visiting the following website:

In the subject line, please include “[insert name] to discuss LA National Committee”.


Thank you again — especially for your interest and being part of this wonderful women’s world we have been building!







Lindsey Mask
Founder & Exec. Dir.

Ladies America








Full name:

Occupation/ company:

City of residence:

Name of person who nominated you:

1. How & when did you become involved with Ladies America, what has it meant to you, and generally, what is your understanding of what we do?

2. What/ where would you like to see Ladies America go/ do?

3. If you could describe a perfect role for you within the national organization, what would it be and please describe what you believe that would entail, including amount of time, types of skills, etc.

* Anything additional you would like to add…

* Please return with CV & select time for one-on-one call with me, Lindsey Mask.


Ladies America

1115 12th Street NW, Suite 203

Washington, D.C. 20005

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