“What Will You Do with This Freedom?”

“On a run this morning in D.C., I was taken with the numerous tourists from across the country and the world who had traveled hundreds of miles to celebrate our nation’s independence. I was reminded how easy it can be to miss that which is right before our eyes.

As I kept my pace, I redirected my run towards the grassy mall, stalling around Constitution Avenue to find a ceremony underway with the Old Army donning traditional uniforms. I glanced left and right, soaking in the variety of people watching the ceremony, snapping pictures in rhythm, arranging perfectly scouted locations for their children to see properly.

The United States Marines began aligning in formation across the street as the next to offer the crowds a personal glimpse of their disciplined movements and pristine uniforms.

That’s about the time it really hit me – that even if everyone there might not be thinking of it, they were there lining the street with absolute freedom to do so; just as I had freely jogged around the city streets that morning.

I began considering how a slight shift in perspective can change everything in life. I quickly considered stories of Egypt in the news this week, trials and tribulations of other women around the world, and young girls in foreign lands who lack access to education and can fall victim to being trafficked for sex slavery.

There I was during an unplanned opportunity to take in a celebration of the United States of America and our hard fought independence.

Then, all I could think was, “what am I and what will I do with this freedom.”  Daily, we make choices and decisions for our lives, often not considering what more we could have done or who is impacted. Here in America, we have been granted the ultimate gift to live fully and abundantly – yes, sometimes with struggles – but with a freedom.

In honor of our ancestors, families, military, veterans, founding fathers, those who overcome fears, withstood the wrath of society, and turned ideas of liberty into a reality, I hope we can all ask ourselves “what we will do with this freedom?”

Message from Lindsey Mask, founder of Ladies America.

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