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June 14, 2013

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Ladies America “Women Leading the Future”


Pres.& CEO, USO-Metropolitan Washington Presenting

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WASHINGTON, D.C.June 14, 2013Ladies America is pleased to announce that the USO of Metropolitan Washington and local ABC affiliate, WJLA are bringing together some of the most dynamic women and men in America for the 2013 “Women Leading the Future” Conference tomorrow, Saturday, June 15 at Microsoft – Chevy Chase. This year in particular, Ladies America is highlighting their two initiatives, “negotiation” and “women in military” among others. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit

“Although tremendous progress has been made to advance women in the military and bridge the civilian-military divide, Ladies America felt it was important to offer a space and dedicate time to generating dialogue around women in the military or female veterans,” said Lindsey Mask, founder of Ladies America. “We want to hear about how their lives have been changed, what they learned, any areas they would like to see strengthened and more. That is why focusing on the women who serve our country is one of Ladies America’s 2013 initiatives. We are honored to have collaborated with such strong entities such as the USO Metropolitan Washington and are eagerly awaiting the keynote address by area President and CEO of the USO Metropolitan Washington, Elaine Rogers.”

ABC 7/WJLA will once again serve as the media partner for the conference. In previous years Ladies America has partnered with: The United Nations Foundation. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Center for Women in Business.


A FULL OVERVIEW & AGENDA, including over 20 additional speakers, is listed below:


“Women Leading the Future” Women’s Conference, hosted by Ladies America

A project of Ladies International Foundation, 501c3 status pending

Date: Saturday, June 15, 2013

Time: 10 AM – 5 PM; 9 AM Networking & Registration

Location: Microsoft, Chevy Chase Campus; Friendship Heights Metro

Who: 200 Attendees; Over 20 Speakers

Topics: Negotiation for Money & Life, Women in Military, Business, Health & Nutrition for the Brain & Success, Communicating Publicly





9:00 – 10:00 AM



10:00 – 10:15 AM

Speaker: Lindsey Mask; Founder & Executive Director, Ladies America

Musical Performers: Capital Blend, Acapella Singing Group



10:15 – 10:45 AM

Speaker: Sam Horn; Intrigue Expert, world-renowned author, keynote speaker & communications



10:45 – 11:00 AM



11:00 AM – NOON




A.Small Business: Five Myths, Raising Funding & Managing Your Financial Portfolio

Speaker: Ebong Eka – “The Five Small Business Myths!”½ hour

Panel: Gwendolyn Beck, Ebong Eka, Natalia Olson-Urtecho – ½ hour

Moderator: Liz Cho


About: With the current unstable economic climate, a higher percentage of women & minorities start businesses to supplement or replace their previous income. Losing a job can be the perfect time to start a business using your current skills or experiences. Many women start a business on the side to make more money.

The problem is a large percentage of women believe the FIVE Biggest Small Business Myths. Ebong will walk the audience through the myths that stop women from making & raising more money. Then
hear from other financial experts on managing your financial portfolio, being prepared for transition in your lives, careers and the economy, plus hear personal stories about raising funds & sustaining a business.


B.“Easier Said Than…Said”: Communicating Well as a Key to Success

Speaker: Tom Squitieri – ½ hour

Interview Discussion: Nancy Bocskor & Tom Squitieri – ½ hour


About: Effective communication is important in every aspect of life. It allows people to get their needs met, conveys confidence, empowers self and others, and can help prevent many problems or misunderstandings. Communication is far more than simply conveying information. Communication is how we exchange our thoughts, feelings or ideas; how we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create a shared understanding; how we utilize signals or words to produce a desired effect; and it is a very complex process with a lot of room for potential error. Good communication originates with a clearly defined source and message, an ability to anticipate and eliminate any sources of confusion, using the best channel for the message, knowing the receiver of the message and using that
knowledge to clarify your message. If you can answer three specific questions, you will find yourself on
the way to being an excellent communicator. And if you can figure out why Bobby Hatfield succeeded, you will be an all-star. Then discussion about the role communicating effectively plays in a
professional’s overall success.



C.“Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”: Nutrition & Exercise Needs for Greater
Professional Success

Panel: Andrew Edgerton, Bonnie McDaniel, and Michael Donovan

Moderator: Betty Hines


About: Accelerate your success by linking your exercise and nutrition routine to your professional goals! Like an athlete preparing for competition, your physical and mental health can give you a strategic advantage over your competition or hinder your performance. Strategically applied changes in behavior,
nutrition, and exercise can help you meet your business goals by improving your ability to decrease stress, concentrate better, and enjoy your life.




NOON – 12:10 PM



Women in the Military: Lives, Lessons & Skills….

12:15 – 1:15 PM

Panel: Lynda Davis, Denyse Gordon, and Deborah Parker

Moderator: Jennifer Doran, WJLA


About: Through this panel, the audience will hear an open dialogue about the role of women in the military, how it has developed over the years, and what might come next. We will hear from women in various stages of the careers, all of who served in the military. They will offer an “insiders”
perspective and share how the military may have actually served them in gaining an education and leadership skills, while addressing how skills from military service can or should transcend into
employment in today’s job market or roles as entrepreneurs in business.



SPEAKER: Salary Negotiation: Turning Skills into Salary You Deserve

1:20 – 2:00 PM

Speaker: Sonpreet Bhatia; Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of MyCityWay, an award-winning, multi-national start-up that is pioneering a new generation.


About: Women often struggle with placing a real value on their own worth, much less assigning a dollar amount to it. Sonpreet will take the audience through steps towards realizing your value and techniques you can use to negotiate like a champ…fearlessly!



Negotiation: “More than just money?”

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Panel: Nancy Conrad, Anastasia Dellaccio, and Joanna Hoffschneider

Moderator: Rebecca Cooper, WJLA

About: There comes a day when you realize “negotiating” is not just about how much money you will be taking home, but more, identifying the home and life you want. As hardworking professionals, we must learn to negotiate all the elements we need and want in order to bring our best forward. In this session, the audience will hear directly from three very dynamic women representing three different generations, who will speak candidly, in the form of case studies, of times they negotiated well and also times they may have learned something new…about themselves.

“BRAG-SESSION” – Tell us something good!

3:00 – 3:30 PM

About: Selected by lottery, attendees will have a 1-MINUTE opportunity to share with the conference
something they accomplished, are working towards, anything…. Did you write a book, did you learn something at WLF last year that you want to share, did you start a new job, get a new degree, make a new friend – tell us something good!


3:30 – 4:00 PM

Speaker: Elaine Rogers; President & Chief Executive Officer, USO Metro Washington


4:00 – 5:00 PM

*Sponsored by Ms. Veteran America, a non-profit aimed at showcasing “The Woman Beyond the Uniform“.

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